About us

Be-Well is a British company specialising in the design and manufacture of unique nutritional products:


Be-Well developed and manufactured products have been used for more than 35 years by the World’s finest athletes. We manufacture for some of the finest brands in the world including Goprotein, Garnell, SIS, High5, Weider, Lear Fitness and many others.



Be-Well has considerable experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke military rations and emergency rations using both wet RTE meals and light weight freeze dried food.  



Be-Well has developed and manufactured meals for Adventure Nutrition and they were the only meals to receive a 5 star rating by Trail Magazine (Click here to read the full report).  Our customers include our own Brands as well as some of the major brands in Europe.  Our large range of meals provide balanced nutrition for all levels of outdoors activities and are successfully tested worldwide and a favourite of Adventurers, Expeditions Explorers, Schools and Young Persons award schemes.



Be-Well manufactures a range of specialist products. Companies we manufacture for include NDS and NutriGold, both leading companies in the alternative healthcare industry. We are specialised in designing products that boost the immune system, combat joint pain and that help balance oestrogen levels.